Why Do Companies Fail?

So many Americans want to lose weight. On New Years Day, we make a resolution to diet and exercise… through willpower. Yet after three months, we fail. Why does this same pattern keep occurring every year?

I’m writing this blog post from Niagara Falls. The sheer power of the water is breath-taking. It reminds me of why binge diets don’t work. Trying to willpower our way to fitness is like swimming upstream against the current of our nonconscious mind (Niagara Falls).

The triune model has been disproven by modern neuroscience

The human brain consists of three functions (well sorta). Modern neuroscience like the Global Workspace Theory has shown that the triune concept of reptilian, limbic and neocortex are not actually locations in the brain. In other words, all conscious and unconscious activities occur like an on/off switch in both corticol and sub-corticol areas.

The neocortex functions of your brain is where language, meaning, willpower and thinking occur. The limbic functions of your brain processes motions, learning and memory. The reptilian functions of your brain processes reflexes, muscle control, balance, breathing, heart beating, sex, feeding/digestion, and most importantly habits.

The Reptilian Function

The reptilian function nonconscious of your brain is highly suggestible. It is like Aladdin’s Lamp. It always says, “Your wish is my command.” The Buddha suggested that our habits determine our destiny. Habits occur in the nonconscious functions of your brain. The only way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to learn how to reprogram the nonconscious functions and how to master your daily habits towards attracting the energy of money. In our Niagara Falls metaphor, your habits are like the powerful water fall.

In an upcoming blog post, I’ll explain the “goal habit” method that I’ve used to reprogram the nonconscious functions of my brain for financial success.

As a side note, the nonconscious functions explains why celebrity endorsements work so well. Our brain associates the “safe and familiar” celebrity with the new brand.

The Limbic Functions

An entrepreneur also must self-master the limbic functions of your brain which determines our behavior from either pain or pleasure. In the limbic function of your brain, emotions are now understood as a cognitive activity and the amygdala is seen as what executes these cognitive emotions.

Entrepreneurs who have suffered from PTSD may have a harder time being present and getting unstuck from the past. Psychologists refer to this as self-state stories and the wrong stories could undermine your companies success. PTSD and negative self-state stories occur in the limbic function of the brain. Could PTSD and negative self-state stories be another reason why your company is doomed to fail?

A solution to PTSD and negative self-state stories is the habit of quieting your mind throughout daily meditation.

The Neocortex Function

“I think therefore I am” is patently false. Neuroscience is now finding primitive neocortexes in reptiles and birds. Some neuroscientists like Joseph Ledoux speculate that emotions are a higher form of evolution than neocortex consciousness. So it’s slightly more accurate to say, “I feel therefore I am.” But that’s also slightly false. In understanding the reptilian functions of the brain and nonconscious self-identity, the correct statement states, “I have spindle neurons therefore I am.”

Will power, thinking and planning occur in the neocortex function of the brain. However, will power, thinking and planning alone cannot create success if it’s swimming upstream against the powerful water flows of the reptilian functions (habits) and limbic functions (negative self-state stories).

Success is something that requires the character of a successful person and wealth consciousness. A successful company always has a founder who has the BEING-NESS of a successful founder. Without successful BEING-NESS, a founder cannot WILL their company to success.

When picking founders to invest in, I am intuitively assessing their daily habits, how they handle their emotions, and the nature of their self-state stories. I am skeptical that determination alone is enough for a founder to succeed. A founder will not succeed if they are trying to binge diet or swim upstream.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m very interested to read future posts about how to program your brain. This topic is fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing!

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