What Can You Spend Bitcoins On?

Blockchain seems to be that hot topic that everyone talks about but no one seems to understand.  It feels like the pet-Internet days when new platforms are coming out every six months and they get better and better.

As I am going through this old town of Virginia City, I am reminded that I can virtually live entirely off of bitcoin. Uber to work. Eat at restaurants. Buy groceries at Whole Foods. Shop for clothes. Watch a movie. Take a trip. Pay employees and get them computers. Renovate my home. Buy a book.  Get a concert ticket.

The easiest way to use bitcoin is to use BitPay to keep loading up your Amazon Gift Card and almost everything can be bought on Amazon. Here is a list of what I can spend bitcoins on.

(1) Travel including hotels, flights, cruises and rental cars. Check out Expedia and Cheap Air.

(2) Furniture. Check out Overstock.

(3) Computers, Software and Electronics. Check out Newegg, Dell, Intuit, Microsoft and Tiger Direct.

(4) Payroll. Check out BitWage.

(5) Use Gift Cards Any Retailer Through BitPay. Use bitcoin to refill Gift Cards to Amazon, AMC Theaters, Home Depot or Lowes, Amtrak, AutoZone, Bath and Body, Barnes and Nobles, Bed Bath & Beyond, World Market, tons of restaurants, Uber, Whole Foods, StubHub, etc.

(6) E-commerce. Check out Shopify.

(7) Buy ads to promote my business.

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