Why Goals Don’t Work

When living in a brand new apartment complex in Tacoma (WA) over fifteen years ago, I frequently visited their state-of-the art movie room with surround sound and theater seating. In this cinematic setting, I could really feel, hear, see and experience the movie “The Secret.” In fact, according to “The Secret,” you unlock the Law Of Attraction by feeling a desired outcome as if it already existed. For the last 27 years of my life, I’ve also been a huge disciple of SMART (Specific Measurable Actionable Relevent and Time Sensitive) written goals.

But here’s the problem. Have you tried written SMART goals and/or invoking the Law Of Attraction but have NOT gotten results? In today’s post, I will share with you a better approach based on neuroscience that works better than written SMART goals and/or invoking the Law Of Attraction.

In the last ten years, widely held old paradigms in neuroscience have been disproven with scientific research. For example, it was previously believed that we had a subconscious mind in our brainstem (aka the Reptilian brain). This is the bottom of the brain area. Neuroscience has now discovered that conscious corticals and subconscious corticals occur in the same regions of the brain. In other words, there is no such thing as a subconscious area of the brain.

Let me explain how the brain actually works. As humans, the auditory cortex, the somatosensory correx, the visual cortex and the smell cortex all wire together as they fire together. The brain through neuroplasticity gets shaped and reshaped through sensory experience AND imagination. As a side note, modern fMRIs show that the various cortexes fire from just visualization and imagination. During subconscious dreaming, whatever we focus on gets the reinforcement attention. We tend to give attention to stimuli that match our self-identity. For rewiring your “self-identity” spindle neurons, the best system is to review your Habit Goals (to be explained below) right before sleeping and right after waking.

In addition, neuroscience now shows that feelings don’t come from the limbic system. It turns out that there is no limbic system. For example, it used to be believed that fear and the “fight or flight” reaction derived from the amygdala in the limbic system. Neuroscience now understands that the amygdala executes the signals coming from the cognitive areas of the brain. In other words, the emotion of fear is a cognitive activity. Interestingly, we don’t even know that the emotions experienced by other animals resemble the human emotions because animals and humans process cognitive functions differently.

Finally, neuroscience has discovered spindle neurons that form our self-identity ego. Humans are born with spindle neurons and the 200,000 to 400,000 spindle neurons fully develop by the age of 8. The spindle neurons function like a symphony conductor. The sensory input is like the brass, the emotional inputs is like the percussion, the thinking inputs is like the woodwinds, and the subconscious cortical inputs are like the strings. The self-identity spindle neurons are the sum total of the combination of emotions, thinking, subconscious habits and sensory data collected by the age of 8.

The problem with invoking the Law Of Attraction and/or SMART goals is that it insufficiently rewires the spindle neurons that have been hardwired by the age of 8. Written SMART goals won’t rewire your “self-identity” spindle neurons. Feeling like you’ve manifested your desired outcome (by invoking the Law of Attraction) is not enough to rewire your “self-identity” spindle neurons.

I’ve developed a goal-setting process called Habit Goals that might help you rewire your spindle neurons and allow you to put your attention during subconscious reinforcement memory and learning in alignment with your desired outcomes.

Liz Demarco used my Habit Goal method to lose 35 lbs. Robin Lee described a transformation in her relationship with money. Bobbi Schwartz says that Habit Goals allow her to sleep better and make her happier and more joyful. Heather Perdelwitz says the Habit Goals helped her to replace victimization with 100% radical responsibility.

Why do you have a business? Perhaps, your “why” relates to having more money to travel or funding a cause that you’re deeply passionate about.

Watch this step-by-step video on how to develop your Habit Goals to master the art of rewiring your spindle neurons.

What would it cost you if you continue to fail to achieve your goals? Are you frustrated of falling short? Who are you hurting by your inability to attain results?

You cannot afford to skip the link that I posted above. The Habit Goal system could be the missing master key to transform your money, relationships and health.

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