About Us

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to build relationships to find deal-flow.

Our Story

We aren’t a traditional real estate hedge fund. Our founding partners did not grow up with privilege, mentorship, capital or Ivy League degrees. We’re by nature more understanding of inclusiveness but also intimately aware of the challenges of finding great real estate investments.

Meet the Team

Ryland Taniguchi

General Partner

Ryland is a real estate visionary who thinks outside of the box as well as being a marketing influencer. His finance experience includes running a real estate hedge fund.

Randall Thompson

General Partner

Randall is a operational genius.

Lynn Surber

General Partner

Lynn Surber is a seasoned apartment investor with experience in lending and property management.

Next Steps…

If you’re looking for a buyer for your apartment, contact me at ryland0000@gmail.com.

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