Month: March 2020

Is The Law Of Attraction A Scam?

For many years, I was a huge skeptic of the Law Of Attraction. After all, neuroscience has never discovered a location in the brain for spiritual “mind.” In all fairness, neuroscience has also never discovered a location in the brain where emotions reside. And most people would agree that emotions are not a figment of our imagination.

The Law of Attraction comprises of three steps. Ask the Universe, receive from the Universe, and being in the vibration of allowing. For most people, the first two steps are easy. However, most people do not manifest what they desire because they are not in the vibration of allowing.

The more I studied neuroscience, I began to become aware of the dogmas in neuroscientists. Currently post-Galileo, the science dogma can be classified as Materialism. Galileo demarcated the natural sciences away from consciousness… and so science today believes that anything non-material cannot really exist.

This is all fine and dandy except when it contradicts the scientific research. Quantum mechanics is considered the “holy grail” of science as it’s finding predict the empirical results with some of the highest degrees of certainty (yes it’s a bit of a pun lol) in the study of science.

If you’re not familiar with superpositions in quantum mechanics, watch this Schrodinger’s Cat cartoon.

Quantum mechanics oddly have lead scientists to two bizarre possibilities to explain why a conscious observer must be present for the cat to be either dead or alive.

The first possibility are infinite numbers of parallel universes… in one universe the cat is dead, in another universe the cat is alive. Scientists prefer this possibility because they dogmatically consider the second and alternative possibility of panpsychism preposterous.

Panpsychism can be be explained by recalling Master Yoda and the Force that lives in all live things.

We can’t prove the Law of Attraction with quantum mechanics, but the bizarre world of the quantum entanglement also does not refute the Law of Attraction.

So let’s narrow this discussion with a closer view in modern neuroscience. Lisa Barrett’s book “How Emotions Are Made” has been causing a scientific revolution in neuroscience and definitely damaging the materialistic dogma.

We now know that emotions are not reactions based on triggers to the amygdala. Emotions are cognitive functions known as goal-based concepts. No other animal experiences human emotions…. your brain requires the conceptual understandings of fifty shades of anger before it can experience the emotion of anger.

In other words, we can consciously experience the world without emotions. Without emotions, we are unable to think. Without emotions, we would not have this human experience.

The Law of Attraction states that we manifest what we desire when we have higher vibrations of emotions. Be in a constant state of gratitude and you’ll be connected to the “Source” or the energy that creates universes.

Again, neuroscience does not prove that the Law Of Attraction is true, but Lisa Barrett’s discoveries about neuroscience definitely align with the Law of Attraction.

So to revisit the question posed by this blog post “Is The Law Of Attraction A Scam?” I’d answer conclusively that science aligns with Law of Attraction. However, science will never prove the Law of Attraction. That’s by definition impossible ever since Galileo removed consciousness from the field of science.

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